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iCognition wins innovation grant

iCognition has won an Innovations Connections Grant to work with CSIRO and University of Canberra  to undertake User Experience (UX) research and design on RM Workspace and RM Workflow. This work will be used to further the company’s commitment to developing usable, useful, effective and satisfying products.

iCognition won the grant based on a strong history of research and ability to collaborate with public institutions. The senior researcher, Caronne Carruthers-Taylor, has extensive experience in human centred design and is supported by a University of Canberra researcher, under the supervision of Professor Raghavendra Gudur. The grant is administered by CSIRO.

“This demonstrates iCognition’s ongoing commitment to UX design improvements in our products,” said Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, Principal and Director. “In fact, this is at least the fourth major UX design iteration we have conducted on our products, resulting in incrementally more usable and useful solutions for our customers.”

“This research and design work will inform future product versions, which are included as part of the product maintenance fees,” said Mr Carruthers-Taylor. “We look forward to visiting our clients in Sydney and Canberra to undertake this research and delivering greater business benefits and return on investment for our customers.”

iCognition Updates, RM Workflow, RM Workspace

iCognition delivers returns by automating Government business processes

Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, recently delivered significant client business improvements by automating asset management and correspondence management processes using iCognition’s RM Workflow product.

NSW Property and Advisory Group (PAG), an organisation of 900 staff within the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation portfolio, engaged iCognition to migrate a legacy Objective ECM system to Micro Focus Content Manager (CM), and automate business processes using iCognition’s RM Workflow.

“The migration was a very complex one, involving over 300 pages of specifications to ensure a successful replication of the Objective ECM functions in Content Manager,” said Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, iCognition Principal. “This included workflows that automated asset management and correspondence management processes. We successfully completed the Objective migration with very few errors, and PAG is now experiencing an excellent uptake in business process participation via RM Workflow, with over 300 active workflows within the system.”

RM Workflow is a user centric web interface built on top of the Micro Focus Records/Content Manager workflow engine that is zero footprint and cloud ready. The business processes are defined in CM, ensuring information security and audit capture, while RM Workflow delivers ease of access and use for end users. Key to the product is the user experience: users can create, modify and interact with records, locations, workflows and activities from within the easy-to-use web interface, and/or via customisable email notifications.

Another iCognition client, NSW Department of Justice, is currently installing it to manage their Ministerial correspondence and briefings processes for a very large number of staff.

“The ROI on this product is excellent. Installing and managing it is minimal effort, as it is server-based and does not require a desktop rollout,” said Mr Carruthers-Taylor. “Additionally, the product is totally configurable by the client, avoiding costly setup scripting or development, and the reconfiguration effort is minimal when business processes change. Great returns can be expected for existing CM clients, as a small investment unlocks the value of pre-existing CM workflow functionality that is usually dormant.”

RM Workflow not only delivers existing CM workflow functions in an easy-to-use interface; it provides additional value functions such as an analytics dashboard, online editing, timeline management and other functions. For PAG a key function was to dynamically allow for multiple approvers in workflows: staff can enter as many assignees as they like when creating workflows, and RM Workflow dynamically generates additional approval paths for every assignee.  Previously this could only be achieved through creating multiple CM workflow templates, requiring staff to clumsily select the appropriate template each time.

The take-up of the CM solution at PAG was also facilitated by the implementation of RM Workspace across the 900 staff. This enabled PAG to expand their digital transformation agenda through better user adoption and collaboration around information in CM.

“Overall, RM Workflow delivers ease of business process interaction, while CM delivers assurance around the business process and compliance management. This solution increases the efficiency, quality and transparency of business processes, and helps enable your digital transformation,” said Mr Carruthers-Taylor.

For more information about the solutions provided by iCognition visit our websites at www.icognition.com.au and www.rmworkspace.com.au, or contact

Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, Principal and Director,
Ph: 0417 692 178
Email: nigelct@icognition.com.au


iCognition Updates, MicroFocus Updates, RM Public View, RM Workflow, RM Workspace

Reminder: Micro Focus Realize Starts Tomorrow!

A last minute reminder to register for this free event! This event includes the Information Management & Governance Forum (IMGF) and starts tomorrow:

  • Melbourne – Tuesday, 28 August 2018, Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre
  • Canberra – Thursday, 30 August 2018, Hyatt Hotel
  • Sydney – Tuesday 4 September 2018, Hilton Sydney

iCognition we will be the Diamond partner in Canberra and Melbourne, and the Gold partner in Sydney, as part of the IMGF track of the event. We will have a stand at each event and we’ll also be presenting on cloud-based EDRMS:


To cloud, or not to cloud: that is the question:
Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous on premise installations,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by moving them to the cloud, end them?

Come along, listen to lots of interesting presentations, and check out our new versions of RM Workspace, RM Workflow and RM Public View that we will have on demo.



iCognition Updates, MicroFocus Updates, RM Workspace

iCognition first ever buy.nsw approved supplier with EDRMSaaS.Cloud

Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition Pty Ltd, is proud to be recognised as the first ever buy.nsw approved supplier. buy.nsw is a new NSW Government program working to improve ICT procurement for buyers and sellers, simplifying procurement, starting with cloud products and services. iCognition was approved to sell EDRMSaaS.Cloud, our new Electronic Document and Records Management cloud service, via buy.nsw.

iCognition was congratulated by Department of Finance, Services and Innovation for being the first approved supplier. “I’d like to thank iCognition for joining buy.nsw and congratulations on being our very first approved seller!” said Ms Natasha Wolf, Marketplace Services Manager, Government Technology Platforms. “The whole team was impressed by your application.”

As a reward for being first, iCognition was provided a web badge acknowledging our well-earned status as the first approved buy.nsw seller.

buy.nsw_web badges tiles-01

buy.nsw aims to transform the way government buys ICT and better adapt to the dynamic needs of Government ICT environments. The buy.nsw program delivers faster procurement cycles and easier ways for buyers and sellers to connect via a new procurement platform.

iCognition’s new EDRMSaaS solution is now available via the platform for buyers to review. “EDRMSaaS is a secure information management platform that will take the pressure off your digital transformation team. It is the modern way to harness the information explosion, secure your content, meet your compliance/regulatory requirements, improve operational efficiency and lower your total cost of ownership with a simple monthly per-user cost,” said Mr Joe Mammoliti, CEO. “You will get a user friendly EDRMS, on-demand access on any device, with intelligent analytics and governance, managed to the highest standards in a Government certified secure Microsoft cloud.”

EDRMSaaS provides a winning combination of Microsoft Azure delivered, cost effective, best of breed performance and highly secure cloud; Micro Focus’ proven intelligent compliance engine; and iCognition’s award winning products maximising discovery, access, sharing and collaboration, for both desktop and mobile users.

“EDRMSaaS.cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure and is built from the ground up for Cyber Security, and optionally delivered on Microsoft’s Azure Central mission-critical cloud for Australia and New Zealand,” said iCognition Principal, Nigel Carruthers-Taylor. “It is designed for mission-critical apps supported by an open ecosystem of partners and includes service availability, security, scalability, redundancy, back up, managed services and access to Office 365 and Microsoft apps.”

“EDRMSaaS is a good example of why not all clouds are built the same,” said Mr Mammoliti, “Check it out on buy.nsw and ask us for a demo.”

For more information about the solutions provided by iCognition visit our website at www.icognition.com.au  or contact

Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, Principal and Director,
Ph: 0417 692 178
Email: nigelct@icognition.com.au